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TriWeapon Boys Club Program and Pricing

TriWeapon Boys Club

The TriWeapon Program is a unique program in Maryland fencing. It is designed specifically for boys along the lines of a social-sports club with the intention of developing young men with strong values and character while teaching them to excel in their sport. While learning to fence the boys build camaraderie and lifetime bonds by participating in club social activities, a classic boys club initiation ceremony (which the parents get to enjoy watching), a knighting ceremony for graduating seniors who finish the program, and our annual camp out and other trips.


Boys begin in our beginner class (older boys may begin directly in TriWeapon with coach approval).

After our beginner class boys are evaluated in basic footwork and are granted the rank of Page.

Pages work to develop basic skills needed to successfully bout in local tournaments and upon obtaining them are granted the rank of Squire. Squires are called on to be an example for younger boys, and begin taking on leadership roles.

Squires work to advance their fencing skills and achieve permission to fence in more advanced events, as well as regional and national events. Upon obtaining this level they are granted the rank of Knight Errant.

Knight Errants work very closely with their coach on more advanced skills, including personalized actions, and possibly begin work on a secondary weapon. Knight Errants take on more significant leadership roles in the club and compete at more advanced levels. Upon completing the rank of Knight Errant, which includes requirements related to tournament success and certification as either a referee, coach, armorer, or tournament manager; along with the completion of High School, and adequate demonstration of the character and values the club instills boys are honored with a special graduation ceremony in which they are Knighted by their coach, and recognized for their accomplishments by their coach, parents, and team mates.

Becoming a Member: contact us to schedule a visit. We’ll determine if your son should start in our youth beginner class or do his beginner sessions in TriWeapon.

Signing up and Paying: Our preferred method is paypal, either in a single annual payment or a monthly subscription. We have a strong commitment to keeping fencing affordable and to that end we have an all inclusive price, unlike some clubs which have fees for registration + membership + classes + lessons + breathing while near the club.

Membership includes:

  1. One individual lesson with a coach weekly

  2. Unlimited participation in open bouting

  3. Unlimited participation in group classes

  4. Discounted or free supplemental classes

  5. Discounts on camps and clinics

  6. Discounted gear ordering

  7. Right to represent the club in tournaments and wear club apparel (as
    permitted by rank)

  8. Strip coaching at select tournaments

  9. Access to club resources (armory, gear)

Single Annual Payment – $1200


Monthly Annual Subscription (12 month commitment) – $100/month


Six Month Session – $700 per six months

Single Monthly Payment – $125/month

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