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Academies of Fencing in Baltimore
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FIA-B Girls Club Program and Pricing

Fencing Institute of America Baltimore


Fencing Institute of America Baltimore is a unique program in the Maryland area as it is designed specifically for girls. An easy set up would be to make a carbon copy of our boys program, but Coach Charles, whose experience includes womens’ collegiate varsity coaching at Hopkins, has made a specific effort to keep FIA-B original. Our moms and board member Kathy Oles have helped us in developing a program that speaks to young girls and keeps them feeling engaged, successful, and competitive. Our girls learn to fence in an environment which combines the relaxed nurturing feeling they like with a focus on competition. This helps foster a sense of team amongst them and keeps them comfortable under the normally stressful scenario of competition.




The girls program has a series of training bench marks which allow them to obtain more specialized uniform components (a club patch, club t-shirt, club socks, and club hair ribbon). With each movement forward they develop their sense of self pride and accomplishment.



The program begins with reviewing the basic beginner footwork.



Next they move on to basic components of bladework necessary to bout and compete at local levels.




Once they have a grasp on these basic actions they build to more intermediate actions, at which point they get their special uniform pieces and begin competing in more competitions.




Finally they move on to advanced elements of fencing and competition as they prepare for graduation.



Unlike the boys, the girls do not specialize in a single weapon right away. They are encouraged to train in all three simultaneously and compete in all three. Once they move into more intermediate and advanced levels they might specialize. This is a somewhat unique approach intended to give them a broader view of fencing and develop their ability to assimilate ideas from one experience into another and increase adaptability.





Becoming a Member: contact us to schedule a visit. We’ll determine if your daughter should start in our youth beginner class or do her beginner sessions in FIA-B.

Signing up and Paying: Our preferred method is paypal, either in a single annual payment or a monthly subscription. We have a strong commitment to keeping fencing affordable and to that end we have an all inclusive price, unlike some clubs which have fees for registration + membership + classes + lessons + breathing while near the club.

Membership includes:

  1. One individual lesson with a coach weekly

  2. Unlimited participation in open bouting

  3. Unlimited participation in group classes

  4. Discounted or free supplemental classes

  5. Discounts on camps and clinics

  6. Discounted gear ordering

  7. Right to represent the club in tournaments and wear club apparel (as permitted by rank)

  8. Strip coaching at select tournaments

  9. Access to club resources (armory, gear)

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