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Academies of Fencing in Baltimore
A Guild Academy                410-744-3362

Fencing Institute of America – Baltimore

Fencing Institute of America – Baltimore

Girls are taught primarily through our affiliated club Fencing Institute of America – Baltimore. The mission and goal of FIA-Baltimore is to teach fencing at all levels to inquisitive and dedicated participants in a community atmosphere.

Club members and students enjoy an environment that is structured and family oriented. Community among the members is constantly stressed. The coaching staff is 100% dedicated to developing a supportive cadre of fencers and supporters of fencing that are knowledgeable, dedicated and committed to the growth of the sport.

What sets FIA-Baltimore apart from other fencing organizations is our unfaltering commitment to the athlete, the person and the activity itself. Age, ability, income, race, family status, background or religious affiliation do not factor into our instruction or interaction at all; rather, differences are the foundation of the club and its mission.

Through Fencing Institute we also promote whole family participation. We encourage the parents of our younger students to be involved. Parent/child lessons are available.

Fencing Institute of America originated in Pittsburgh under the direction of Coach Frank Foley and his wife Beth Bell. Coach Charles Greene brought FIA to Baltimore in 2001, and made it a part of Academies of Fencing in Baltimore in 2011.

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